Hello, hello, hello!

Welcome to my blog. Let me tell you a little about how I got here.

I LOVE paper. And photography. And color. And making. And fabric. And knitting. And all things creative. I started this blog to showcase some of my makes and hopefully provide a little inspiration to someone out there. It would be great to meet some other crafty folks, too!

Now, a little more about my life outside of my craft room. I live in Massachusetts with my husband, dog child, and cat. I really enjoy Sunday morning snuggles with my Ali girl (my dog.) I have an amazing group of friends that I am lucky enough to live near and see almost every weekend. I work with children with special needs and nothing could be more amazing than watching them make slow and steady strides towards their academic goals.

Since I have a short attention span and prefer looking at pictures to reading a lot of descriptions, here are my very first handmade cards. They are most definitely NOT perfect, but I enjoyed making them and the recipients have enjoyed them.